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Aerobie Super Sonic Fin Football

West Chester Toys

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Throw and catch like a pro with the Aerobie Super Sonic Fin Catch Aerodynamic Football, with a small size and soft foam material for an easy catch!  Officially endorsed by Russell Wilson, the quarterback for the Denver Broncos, this aerodynamic football puts the power of a pro in your hands.  The innovative hollow gyroscopic design allows for an aerodynamic flight.  With a fun football shape and precise balance, the Super Sonic Fin Catch makes it easy to toss and catch like your favorite NFL quarterback.  Wind up, take aim, and launch towards your teammates and watch as catch!  You won't have to compromise on performance with the Super Sonic Fin Catch outdoor toy, even though it’s small in size.  The Super Sonic Fin Catch provides a wonderful spiral throw and is perfect for kids, adults, and anyone in between, making it great for yard games and outdoor kids and family games. The cool blue and orange design stands out in the backyard, pool, or on the beach for exciting kids football games.

Ages: 8+