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Central Europe, around 1670 A.D. The Plague which has raged for centuries has finally been overcome. The civilized world is revitalized. People are upgrading and extending their simple wooden houses. Fields must be plowed, sowed, and harvested. People are living off millet gruel, bread, and vegetables. The famine of the previous years has also encouraged them to eat more meat (a habit that we continue to this day as our wealth is growing). In the end, the wealthiest player wins. Interestingly enough, animals that you do not eat contribute to your wealth. And now: off to the pastures, off to the stables: life at a farm never has been as exciting!

Points are earned when players renovate their wooden house to a clay house and later even to a stone house.  But everything else to do with balancing food requirements or making every day life a little more comfortable can earn points - especially family growth.  Each game uses a different group of the 48 different occupation cards and 58 different improvements, ensuring that no two games are exactly alike!

Ages: 12+

Players: 1 to 4

Time: 90 Mins