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Cantaloop Book 1: Breaking Into Prison

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Introduction from the book

The point-and-click adventure game genre was born in 1976 on the PC.  In this type of game, the player assumes the role of a character in an interactive story driven by puzzle solving and exploration.  Popular titles include Myst, Telltale's Walkind Dead series, and all those games about ape archipelagos that you loved as a kid, but we won't name lest we be sued.  This game is a direct adaption of these mechanics to the cardboard medium that requires no electronics to play.  In other words, you are holding a classic point-and-click adventure game in book format.  You will talk to characters, combine items to solve puzzles, and explore a unique world to get ahead in the story.

In the first part of the Cantaloop Trilogy, you embody the small-time criminal Oz "Hook" Carpenter who just returned from exile, seeking revenge on the person who made you leave in the first place.  But thats easier said than done: You wont stand a chance against the most powerful crook of the city all by yourself.  You need a team of people with a unique set of skills if you even want the slightest chance to succeed.

Explore 20 beautifully illustrated locations, talk to characters and solve tricky puzzles to gather your crew in this "Point'n'Click" like game.  Search and collect items, figure out where to use them and combine them with each other.

Do you have what it takes? Find out in Cantaloop - An interactive adventure book!

Ages: 16+

Players: 1+

Time: 5 to 8 Hrs.