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Clementoni 500 Pc Jigsaw Puzzle - Van Gogh Starry Night

West Chester Toys

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Among the most iconic pieces of classic art is vincent van gogh's starry night. Painted in june 1889 while he was in paris at the saint-paul-de-mausole lunatic asylum, this is one of several paintings van gogh painted during that period that are among some of the best-known works of his career. With the swirling sky filled with stars and the moon, the dominant part of the puzzle has visual hints for piece placement. The lower part of the painting has a town and other elements and colors that help to position the pieces. The painting comes to life before your eyes with every piece placed. Challenging enough to be interesting but with plenty of visual cues to help locate where pieces go, this makes a beautiful puzzle to work on. Finished size 19.3" x 14.2".