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Cosmic Encounter

West Chester Toys

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 For more than a generation, gamers have reveled in the wacky, fast-paced world of Cosmic Encounter, pitting alien against alien in an all-out struggle for galactic domination.  If you have yet to experience it, now is the perfect time to join the fray!  Choose from 51 different aliens, each with their own unique powers, to further your efforts to build an empire that spans the galaxy.  You will make alliances, negotiate deals, and defend your home planets against those who seek to conquer your system.  The first player to colonize five foreign planets will win the game, which means diplomacy may be your path to victory...or defeat.  The cosmos awaits your arrival!  Set your sights on the stars and send your ships to victory with Cosmic Encounter!

Ages: 14+

Players: 3 to 5

Time: 1 to 2 Hrs