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Crime Zoom is a series of detective games for 1-6 players. The rules are explained in 2 minutes, and the game itself takes about an hour.

In Crime Zoom, you are detectives trying to unravel a mysterious murder case. The crime scene is made up of cards that form one large picture. To investigate a trace, simply turn  the card over and follow it. In the course of the investigation, you will visit various places, question suspects, gather evidence and try to come to conclusions.

"BIRD OF ILL OMEN" - Paris, 2018, morning.  An office building.  A frail young woman is found dead on the floor.  Who killed her, and why?  Was it related to her private life or her work?  Where to start?  A complex investigation set in modern day Paris.

After the investigation, you fill in a report by answering the questions: Who is the perpetrator? What is the evidence? What was the motive?

Finally, you can check the epilogue, which will allow you to explore the entire rich story.

Ages: 14+

Players: 1 to 6

Time: 60 Mins