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Hickory Dickory

West Chester Toys

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Hickory Dickory is a unique worker rotation game where players control a team of mice as they ride around the minute hand of a cuckoo clock, jumping off to perform actions and gather items for the eccentric Lord Cuckoo.  Items delivered will earn the mice some juicy berries and when the clock strikes midnight, the player with the most berries wins the game!

Each mouse has a unique ability that players will need to utilize in order to snatch item tiles off the board and stuff them into their mousey bags!

While you’re on the hunt, keep an eye out for Lord Cuckoo’s lost relics and any items needed for your hunt card.  Both will score a big basket of bonus berries, and might secure a win!

Ages: 10+

Players: 1 to 4

Time: 60 to 120 mins