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UNLOCK! Epic Adventures

West Chester Toys

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A cooperative card game inspired by escape rooms.  Real life escape rooms challenge you to literally escape a room within 60 minutes.  With UNLOCK! experience the thrills of escape rooms without setting a foot outside.  Three mind-blowing adventures! 

The Seventh Screening - Grab your popcorn!  Tonight, the horror movie "The Werewolf's Final Night" premieres.  Will you get through unharmed?  The Dragon's Seven Tests - The Gold Dragons temple welcomes every seven years new disciples.  Be worthy of Master Li's teachings.  Mission #07 - EAGLE, the secret organization has been infiltrated.  Agents, it's up to you to identify the mole!

Search the rooms!  Combine objects!  Solve puzzles!

Ages: 10+

Players: 1 to 6

Time: 60 Mins