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Wasgij Destiny Puzzle - The Toy Shop!

West Chester Toys

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Don’t puzzle what you see, use your imagination and puzzle what will happen in the future!  Can you remember how much fun you had visiting your local toy store on the weekend with your family and friends?  Did you used to spend all day in there, playing with all the toys and wondering what to spend your pocket money on?  Do today’s toy shops still have that ‘WOW’ factor about them?  Try to imagine how this toy shop, its customers and staff might look today.  What will be the must-have toys that children can’t wait to get their hands on – will it still be dolls houses, magic tricks, train sets and dress-up?  Or will children only have eyes for the latest gadgets and gizmo’s that cost a fortune.  This is the scene you have to puzzle.

Ages: 12+